DreamStar Network Limited is a technology company dedicated to global mobile game development and publishing, providing players with the service of purchasing in-game items through in-app purchases and website top-ups.


● Unique Offers on Items: We offer a variety of virtual items in games, primarily currency and vouchers, accompanied by additional discounts.
● Flexible Pricing Strategy: Our prices automatically adjust based on local pricing and exchange rates, ensuring fairness.
● Secure and Reliable Transactions: We provide secure payment methods to safeguard your transaction information and account security.


Please note: All prices are in USD and KRW as base currencies, with actual prices adjusted based on your location's currency and exchange rates. At checkout, the system will automatically convert to the appropriate currency based on your geographical location.

Below are some examples of prices for our virtual items (in USD):
● Demon God
   60 Jade + 600 Gold - $0.99
● Sky Utopia
   300 Pink Diamond - $4.99
● Kungfu Heroes
   999 Coupons - $9.99


Upon purchasing virtual items, we will promptly process your order to ensure immediate delivery. The delivery methods are as follows:

Instant Delivery: Once payment is completed, your virtual items will be instantly delivered to your in-game account through online means. You can directly use these items in the game without waiting or additional steps.
Manual Retrieval: We will send you an in-game notification email containing detailed information about the virtual items you purchased. You can manually retrieve these items and use them in the game.

If you encounter any issues with item delivery after payment, feel free to contact our customer service team for assistance at any time (